Thursday, December 1, 2011

"berry" thrifty cool.

let's make some lovely christmas decorations shall we? and let's make them for mere pennies.
i bought some sparkling berry picks for 64 cents each on sale at Michael's. then i totally destroyed the berry picks. sounds wierd, but it's effective. TIP: you can make one berry pick or one bunch of flowers or one garland go a long way, just by deconstructing it. you can then reuse the individual flower, berry or leaf by using floral tape and wire. like this:

the first pick of golden sparkly leaves cost me 64 cents. which is pretty cheep, but i needed like 12 of them for my tree. well that's still only gonna cost me less than 12$. what's the big deal right? by taking the pick apart and rewiring them, i decorated my whole tree for 64 cents. i saved about 10$. in this economy... kinda big deal.

back to the berries. i had a 1/2 stryofoam ball that i got with my coupon for about a dollar. deconstructed berries, plug them snuggly in the styrofoam, and .......

i have a delicious looking decoration for my apothecary pedestal thingy....for $1.64. now that's delicious!

oh the possibilities!

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