Thursday, April 28, 2011

burning question of the's been so very long.

do you remember this? the question of little relevance that i like to ask once a week? i decided to dust it off and try it out again, cause it's just so darn fun to waller in some irrelvance once in awhile.
so here it is:
What is one or two things that have inspired you lately? and what are you going to do about it?

a: (1) the fields around my house are green as can be. (despite the AW.FUL. weather) and my first garden is coming to life in my kitchen. i've got tomatoes, (a boatload fave food ever ya know) 5 kinds of peppers, califlower, cucumbers, and herbs already started. can't wait to see if i can acutally harvest something.......

and (2) so i am sitting in relief society one day, trying really hard to pay attention and not let my mind wander, which is ironic, because the lesson was really good and i think i have religious ADHD....anyway. i was trying to focus my wandering gaze by dragging it back across the room to the teacher and along the way my eyes caught hold of this saying on the chalkboard.
"what would you do if you could not fail?"
holy crap i know exactly what i should be doing. but i am afraid of failing. i am afraid i will, quite frankly suck at it. i've been writing a book that has been in my head for about 5 or 6 years. i have finished 5 paragraphs. but those words hit me so hard that day. and so i've been writing more, and wasting time less. i'm playing around with the idea of posting the chapters here for my good friends to read as i go....SCARY!
so any way....answer away! what is inspiring you?


for the first time ever in our marriage, we live in an actual single family house. it is our first home to buy and it is really lovely. i am in possession of hundreds of paint samples and dreams in my head of which room will be painted what color.
home ownership however, is not just that easy. with a mortgage to pay and lots of other monetary upkeep, not all decorating dreams can come true immediately. which actually i think is kind of a good thing cause if everything is fabulous........then what would i do?
so i've been accessorizing on the cheap. thrift stores are my fourth favorite place to be. and i've found some bargains!

I am in love with glass cheese domes. you can buy them online and on ebay for like 40$. but i found this one in castle dale for 2$. add a candle pedestal thingy, a cute plastic plate from target and some fake fruit. vwalllla!

i also love to cover syrofoam spheres with stuff. cheapy orange blossoms from michaels liven up these blue china bowls. bargain center in kentucky, i think they were like 1$ each.

i found this cute garland at the thrift store in park city (thrifting gold, people in park city are loaded ya know) any way it was all bent and stuff so i covered a ginormous stryofoam sphere with it. it took several episodes of downton abbey to finish, but it was worth all my hard labor.

this giant built in is in my kitchen. i accessorized it as i unpacked and i could not figure out why it just bugged me. one day i was looking at it and realized it just had too much going on. and so...

i detirded it and it looks soo much better!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


we were so lucky to have family for easter! mike's sister, her hubby and there three boys came along with g & g judi. We had an easter egg hunt at our house, good food and lots of laughing. uncle norm brought his helmet cam. we put it on various children for the easter egg hunt and for riding our plasma car down the steep and scary drive way. it was awesome.

this rainbow happened on monday, but i thought it was a small glimpse of spring in an otherwise cold and annoying spring. look for the positive. right?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

mike judi won the green jacket today......

.....which is amazing considering he was on the couch the whole time....
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