Thursday, May 8, 2008

Two Minutes

Were having leftover roast tonight, so I take it out of the fridge and push two minutes on the microwave, that oughtta do it. Turn to get Jace a cracker while he awaits his lovely pureed sweet potatoes, only to be jarred out of focus by and ear piercing scream.
Run to the living room, find 7 year old in tears, apparently his toes met up with a nasty case of stubbing. Give reassuring hug, and turn around to find 3 year old cheerfully decorating her arms with markers.
"Hey Mom," she says, " I'm going to color my ENTIRE body!" Take markers away with a quick lecture on how Heavenly Father likes us to keep our bodies just the way they are thankyouverymuch!
Gotta get Jace that cracker......hmmmm.....Hey Austin, where are you?
......"I'm bloody nosin' Mom"
Run to the bathroom to find 5 year old dripping said substance into toilet, apply wads of paper into nasal cavity and suddenly hear a shrill beep.
The roast beef!
The motherhood equivalant of the 4oo meters.
Two minutes can be very intense.

I heart Mike

It is our 9th anniversary today! Yeesh nine years, some people might think marriage would have lost it's cashay by now, oh contraire it's just gettin' interesting! I still find him fascinating. He's my best friend. And he makes really good kool-aid.
Mike hates all public forms of PDA so out of love and respect for his wishes, I will not do any romantic gushing, some things are just for us ya know. But just so ya'll know and I have a record of it, I just love that mans guts.

PS We had a snowball fight the other day, I won.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Ode to Trisdan

Today is my kid sister's birthday. She's not really a kid actually. She is 28 today. But I'm......older so I will always refer to her as a kid, just for fun. Plus when she is like 59, and things are shriveling up, I bet she'll really appreciate the reference.

Once when we were still in a double bed, I stared at her until she woke up (just to bug her) and yelled at me. She was always the quiet one, the peacemaker, like when ever we were fighting and I was yelling at the top of my lungs she would quietly say, "You are not my mom, bossy." She put up with a lot.

She also has this wonderful quality that makes you want to tell her anything. She's completely non-judgemental, if it is possible, and she has this inviting air about her, that you just know she'll like you, no matter how wierd you happen to be.

She is one of those women you stop and stare at and think, "That girl is sooooo cute! I wonder were she got that outfit?" She has a great sense of fashion, and style, but at the same time, she's not afraid of dirt or imperfections, or flaws. She is supermom, every time I call her she is with her kids on some adventure, the park, the zoo, science centers, desert and mountain hikes, her six year old twins have even waterskied! When she's around we never just sit, it's like she can just smell the fun, and off we go to make a memory.

Growing up I always wanted a big sister, someone to emulate, follow around, someone who I just generally wanted to be like. I guess I've had that all along.

Happy Birthday Tris.
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