Wednesday, May 27, 2009

bits 'n pieces

we hiked this same trail in september, but didn't make it to the river. isn't he so tall?

silly austin on the river bank
little girls, best buddies.

quinton getting ready to bat, can you imagine the height on this kid when he grows into those feet?

when i was little my sisters and i begged my mom for pink curlers every saturday night. we are carry'n on the torch here, albeit with a slightly different color.

q wanted to grow out his hair, mike said, "okay" i said, "are you crazy, he' s 8 he can't have that option yet." mike said, "he'll hate it eventually and ask to get it cut." i thought, "ya, right."
mike wins, q begged for a hair cut after combing it got to bothersome.

austin playing t-ball in picturesque alaska.

Friday, May 22, 2009

last minute teacher gifts


chalk board paint
easel target $4
ceramic plate of some sort, this one was $4 at wal-mart

I wasn't to thrilled with the paint. i just got some in a jar, the application wasn't as smooth as i imagined. i reccommend chalkboard spray paint! just cover the edges and then you should get an even surface and a nice clean edge. it was easy though, and if you can find a cool plate at a thrift store, it can be even cheaper!
ps my camera skills are lacking. i think mike needs a big expensive camera for his b-day!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

dear conservative movement:

we would like to return carrie prejean (naked nancy) and dick cheney (tortured tom) the two "spokespersons," who you have recently held up as standard bearers for our political party. they are broken. try to be more careful in your selections for the star of conservatism in the future.

conservative, by it's very definition means: cautiously moderate. Mr. cheney can't even cautiously moderate his shot gun. and usually a shirt is required to be considered as cautious, ms. prejean, wind or no.

we've tolerated bill o' rielly's disgusting phone flirtations, sarah palin's less then perfect parenting, and rush limbaugh's drug battles. hey!, no one is perfect! right? but shouldn't the face of a party claiming the moral high ground be able, at least, to occupy it?...... i'm just sayin.

a less than perfect conservative

Saturday, May 9, 2009

why i've been so blasted busy; caution

no time for actual sentences or inflection. austin got a bloody head wound from a two year old wielding a long stick. he and i spent 4.... FOUR, hours in the ER. austin in heaven, played gameboy the whole time. we went to seward with fam. (more picts later.) mike had surgery. on his knee. hence the wheelchair. i cringed for him. has been on crutches for 5 weeks. crutches in alaska come with spikes for the ice. i must do everything for him. although he can now put on his own socks. i made a personal goal not to whine and witch about it. i have one week to go. pray for me.
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