Wednesday, May 27, 2009

bits 'n pieces

we hiked this same trail in september, but didn't make it to the river. isn't he so tall?

silly austin on the river bank
little girls, best buddies.

quinton getting ready to bat, can you imagine the height on this kid when he grows into those feet?

when i was little my sisters and i begged my mom for pink curlers every saturday night. we are carry'n on the torch here, albeit with a slightly different color.

q wanted to grow out his hair, mike said, "okay" i said, "are you crazy, he' s 8 he can't have that option yet." mike said, "he'll hate it eventually and ask to get it cut." i thought, "ya, right."
mike wins, q begged for a hair cut after combing it got to bothersome.

austin playing t-ball in picturesque alaska.


Strupp Family said...

Cute kids! We thought about you a couple nights ago as we drove through Monticello (again) and stopped to get gas. Seriously, you guys need to move close to us again.

Marilyn Lewis said...

I'm so glad your Dad gave me the link to your blog. I love seeing the pictures of your kids.

In case you don't remember me, I'm your Dad's cousin from Arkansas.

Jessie said...

Wow there is so much to do there! It is nice to see that there really is nice weather in Alaska! Enjoy it! Oh and we too have the curlers! I use them every so often, but have found that a 3 barreled curling iron gives a great wavy effect and doesn't hurt as much!

Meagan said...

So, Quinton's figure looks so much like Vaughn in that baseball picture. He probably will get very tall. How fun to see them growing.

Kritta22 said...

You take such wonderful pictures!
I heart your update posts!
Can you put curlers in my hair on Saturday night? I kinda have a boy house over here.

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