Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Jace+salsa=true love
sanjuan co. red dirt+tomato seeds= gold(and the best pkg ever recieved)
baby quinton+nine years= what the *&$%^! + one tall, toothy, awesome 4th grader.
Avery+24 cartons of playdoh purchased at target for 9$= stacks of delicious cakes

austin+ 1st day of 1st grade+didn't clean your room before school= exhaustion by 5:17 pm

Thursday, September 3, 2009

it's time

ahhh.....the leaves are on their way to yellow, there's a brisk coolness to the air... and college football is kicking off this weekend. Autumn is my bestest season. here's some other good things that are floatin' 'round my brain.

- sweatshirts and jeans. i need a new one. of each. maybe a byu one. or maybe this one at ae. and does anyone know where i can find some decent jeans? that aren't dirty looking? that aren't momish? that aren't like a hundred dollars?

- these shoes from anthro. i actually hate that place 'cause like i'm ever gonna spend that much, but maybe one day i'll catch clearance on time. after all my feet deserve such luxury....right?

- punkin's the orange kind and the jace kind. the little toddler has just learned how to climb out of his crib. he's into everything, he says no a lot, he worships avery and will be her pet dog all day, and he is talking up a storm. he told me today that he needed to watch, "yardigan's quick!"
oh and about the orange kind, i scored two boxes of tiny ones on clearance last year at target. gonna fill up some hurricanes with them quick.

-Q&A are back in school which actually kinda makes me sad, believe it or not. i made it through the entire summer without saying, "i can't wait until you go back to school!" so the day before school starts, I take 'em all for a bike ride. the bike ride is full of whining so we stopped at a park. Q was full of, shall we say...spice that day and he was trying to push me down the slide and spit on people from up on the bridge and just generally bothering everyone. but i'm handling it patiently just like i have all summer. and all of the sudden little girl starts screaming like bats are attacking her, she's writhing in pain and i think it has somthing to do with her fingers but she will not stop screeching so i can find out.
so the park is covered in these little tiny pebbles, which is fun when you are bored and you can look for pretty ones, but not fun when your toddler decides to pelt you and screaming sister with them. after a few handfulls of this, Q decides to twirl A around like a rag doll until A falls down crying in frustration. this is when mom becomes unglued. to put it nicely. all the frustrations of a long summer complicated by surgeries and recoveries and 4 crazy kids to keep entertained and away from the wii and the tv, just sort of... exploded forth from my brain. and the whole nieghborhood got a really entertaining and colorfully verbalized display. so much for keeping my cool.
it was really quite a fun and adventorous summer, if i just could've survived that last day......
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