Saturday, February 28, 2009

rocker chicks playlist

i'm not much of a music buff. although i'm a sucker for american idol and must have my little ipod shuffle if i'm going to run, and have been practicing the piano everyday for a week. when that 16 year old girl sang "alone" on ai this week i had an epiphany: all my favorite songs and most of my playlist are from 80s rocker chicks. i love heart. i love roxette, tina turner, the bangles, pat benatar is my fave, and belinda carlise's "total eclipse of the heart" used to be my favorite song ever.

i saw pat benatar and martina mcbride sing "we belong" (my new fave) together here's the link. it'll make your day.

here's a few more i love.

i get weak (might be my fave) belinda carlise
mad about you belinda carlise
listen to your heart roxette
it must of been love roxette
simply the best tina turner
what you get is what you see tina turner
private dancer tina turner (just kidding i hate this song, do yourself a favor and NEVER listen to it)
manic monday bangles (no news here. doesn't everyone love this song?)
will you be there heart
alone heart
all i wanna do is make love to you heart (can we get a better title? how embarassing)

and now you know my secret fantasy to have big bangs, jordache jeans and a scratchy voice. and you also know that i am old and somewhat dated and adverse to change.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

projects that have been 8 years in the making

so here's some stuff i've made. i believe in making the accessories in my home, cause it's pieces of me, of us, and that makes it all cozy and homey and stuff.....and gives me something to do.
here 'tis.
i've been finding lots of old books at thrift stores and garage sales, i'm a book junky. so i decided to punch some holes in the cover, tie some ribbon and hang it on the wall. i've got this awesome memory of my dad reading " the star bellied sneatches" to me as a kid, so dr. suess leaves me feeling all warm and snuggly. as a result i needed him on the wall in the nursery.
had some cute scrapbook paper, some flower stamps, and lots a cute buttons on hand so i bought some canvas (love canvas, as you will see) and glued 'em on for a little garden art in my girls room.

my fave children's book illustrator and author is david shannon. "duck on a bike" is a must read and my copy was falling apart, so to save this fabulous art, i just did a little cut and paste onto canvas and there you have it, more book art for the book themed nursery.

This alphabet banner completes the babies' room. the poem interspersing the abc's says: "richer than i you could never be, i had a mother who read to me."

little judi boy #2 is a sports nut!! so i painted this sort of up-close, graphic looking version of his favorite sports. my artistic talents do not extend into realistic looking paintings, graphics are easier. it's totally bragging i know but i love those three chunks 'o canvas.

Monday, February 16, 2009

it's so cold in alaska that icicles grow up from the ground

....not really. our air vents are just above this spot, and the dripping condensation forms a stalagtite (or is it stalagmite?) of sorts on the ground. don't you love avery's pose. not really camera shy is she?

our primary had a fun carnival for the kids. they had cotton candy, face painting, snow cones, they made valentines, and cookies, had a paper airplane flying contest, and snow ball fights with soft rubber balls. It was so organized and well put together, we had a great time!
guess what color of snow cone avery chose.

can you see austin's sugar slobber on his shirt? he was in heaven. i once caught him licking sugar off of the counter.

quinton got some squirt guns from the fish pond. i've been squirted several times. once i was cleaning the kitchen and wondered to myself what i sat in that was wet, only to turn around and see quinton laughing at my confusion.

jace had a great time watching the chaos!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

random happenin's

can anyone tell me why my bread pulls away from the pan like this? it tastes fabulous, but it looks like monkey's made it.
Jace has taken to stuffing himself in boxes. I found him in an empty tide box the other day. He is always with his "dog dog" (that hairy thing stuffed in the laundry basket with him) and his "me me" (interpretation: blankey)

If you look closely you can see Mt. McKinley. She's the big one on the right. It is seriously so huge and this picture doesn't do it justice but from this vantage point it's about 250 miles away MILES!! i love the clouds floating in the valley below it.

If you look above and to the left of that little spit of land you can hazily make out Mt. Redoubt. It is 125 miles away from the same vantage point as Mt. McKinley. see how much smaller and closer it is? I'm hoping that makes mckinley seem bigger to you now. anyway Mt. Redoubt is a volcano that is due to erupt anyday. we've got our extra supplies, face masks, and lots of books from the library to read when she blows. you'd think my kids would be a little freaked out but in the morning prayer the other day quinton said, "please bless that Mt. Redoubt errupts today." he wants to collect the ash. any body else want some real live volcanic ash? i'll only charge you $29.50 plus shipping! not really.
we've seen floods and tornadoes in KY and OK, we've felt small tremors here in Alaska, so bring on the ash!

mike took avery on a "date" to burger king and the movies. she had to paint her nails and wear her new dress and tights, and she was in heaven. she keeps asking me when daddy's going to take her out again!

this moose was eating some breakfast not to far from our house. see how his hair is sticking up on his back? that means you shouldn't bug him anymore cause he's nervous. but he's just a wee bull. not much of a rack yet.

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