Thursday, February 5, 2009

random happenin's

can anyone tell me why my bread pulls away from the pan like this? it tastes fabulous, but it looks like monkey's made it.
Jace has taken to stuffing himself in boxes. I found him in an empty tide box the other day. He is always with his "dog dog" (that hairy thing stuffed in the laundry basket with him) and his "me me" (interpretation: blankey)

If you look closely you can see Mt. McKinley. She's the big one on the right. It is seriously so huge and this picture doesn't do it justice but from this vantage point it's about 250 miles away MILES!! i love the clouds floating in the valley below it.

If you look above and to the left of that little spit of land you can hazily make out Mt. Redoubt. It is 125 miles away from the same vantage point as Mt. McKinley. see how much smaller and closer it is? I'm hoping that makes mckinley seem bigger to you now. anyway Mt. Redoubt is a volcano that is due to erupt anyday. we've got our extra supplies, face masks, and lots of books from the library to read when she blows. you'd think my kids would be a little freaked out but in the morning prayer the other day quinton said, "please bless that Mt. Redoubt errupts today." he wants to collect the ash. any body else want some real live volcanic ash? i'll only charge you $29.50 plus shipping! not really.
we've seen floods and tornadoes in KY and OK, we've felt small tremors here in Alaska, so bring on the ash!

mike took avery on a "date" to burger king and the movies. she had to paint her nails and wear her new dress and tights, and she was in heaven. she keeps asking me when daddy's going to take her out again!

this moose was eating some breakfast not to far from our house. see how his hair is sticking up on his back? that means you shouldn't bug him anymore cause he's nervous. but he's just a wee bull. not much of a rack yet.


Kritta22 said...

I'm thinking that your bread does that because the oven isn't hot evenly. I don't know how to fix it but I'm pretty sure that's why.

Where did you take those pictures of the mountains?! You must have gone one of the 5 nice days without clouds!

I love it when you update your blog.

I love the date idea! She is so pretty.

Jenny said...

Yeah, no idea what's going on with your bread. I actually thought it looked fine. My bread always looks really funky. At least it tastes good.

Jace is such a cutie! I love his "me me".

Kate says, "I love Avery! And I really miss her." How fun to go on a date with Dad! Kate loves painting her fingernails too. I personally am not a fingernail painter, so I'm learning.

And, good luck with your eruption! Keep us posted!

Emilee said...

I love love love that Avery looks just like you, Mags. How fun is that--to have a little Maggie running around in the world.
My bread is always ugly, but since my family eats it anyway (snarfs it anyway, I should say), I don't worry about it.

tris said...

i love the alaska pictures and info...keep them will get me there sooner i promise. Avery does look just like you. do you see it? let us know all about redoubt when it guys have seen it all. miss and love you.

annelisa said...

What fun pics Maggie! We too are awaiting Mt. Redoubts eruption. I am glad we don't have to go through all the preps that you do! When are you guys coming up next month? If you are!

Story Family said...

I think that bread looks absolutely beautiful. My family might just drop dead if they saw homemade bread cooling on the counter. YUM!

Cool moose. Good luck with the volcano....sounds exciting! Jace is adorable. And Avery is cute as a button! A mini-Mags indeed! LOVE those shoes. Kels has the same ones.

Scott and Haley said...

More and MOre I am realizing that Lilly and Jace are missing out on a great friendship. She calls her blanket a "Ne Me" Avery looks adorable in that dress, well she is always adorable.

Adri said...

I read the bread cracks because of too much flour or because it raises too quickly. So, I tried letting my dough be a little stickier and letting it raise on the counter a little longer (so it wouldn't grow too much in the oven) and it has helped. Good luck!

Strupp Family said...

That is great Mike took Avery on a date--I told Trevor he needs to copy your idea. :)

I saw pictures of you and Avery on Mandy's blog--I'm so jealous I couldn't come! I thought I saw Avery, and then I looked closer and you were in them too. Good times.

Hailey just told me she remembers Avery (when she saw Avery's picture) and she said she wants her as her best friend and cousin. Cute.

Nicole said...

That's just a baby moose??? Its HUGE!!!! And so is that mountain!

Travis and Jamie said...

I think that hurricane and volcano are all that we missed this last year. Before we left KY we had a blizzard, 8 inches of snow, spring flooding, summer tornados and one random earthquake. Weather in Colorado is much more mild.

And I would love to see some side by side pictures of you and Avery at the same age. I swear she looks more and more like you (if that is possible) every time you post a picture.

Angie said...

I am amazed at all the people who make homemade bread! I must be a roll kinda girl. Quinn and I are loving all those Alaska pics! We are coming to visit!

Monster Mary said...

I only wish I was a bread expert, sorry no anwers. Fun to see your updates. I think we saw Avery on her date that night. Was that Despereaux? I was so sad because they changed it so much from the book. My kids still liked it though.

Abby said...

I think if I taste your bread, I'll get a better idea of why it comes out like that. So ship a loaf w/recipe to Louisville please and I'll give my full investigative report ASAP. :-)

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