Thursday, September 1, 2011

it's the most wonderful time of the year!

i love summer time with my kids, we hike, and travel and fight and fish....... but when that bus rolls around the corner on the first day, i do a little dance of joy. and say .....whew! here are the big kids on their first day of school last week. they are so serious and ready to buckle down to some major learning and studying.
little jace man had his first day of pre-school today. he has been so excited to go. and for the first time in 11 years, i have some time to my self a few days a week. woot woot!!
uh-oh...... the little dance of joy just got alot louder.

a summation of our summer. (that's really out of order)

the boys have discovered fishing! they caught this here brown trout in the weber river right behind our house. ain't that just the most pastoral and picturesque thing ever?
we went to lagoon with the judi cousins in aug. it took half the day to convince quinton and austin to get off the kiddie rides and try a big boy rollercoaster, but once they did, we couldn't get them off.
we are on a well, which is all fine and good, cause i don't have to bottle water for the apocalypse anymore, but we did have to replace all the pipe and the pump. it took 25 feet of scaffolding, and lots of helpers, but we got 'er done. mike and his dad were so proud of their handy work. saved us a bundle.
avery has taken on the roll of small town girl very seriously. here she is at her cheerleading and drill team debut.
austin kept us busy with near nightly ball games in henefer. love henefer park, it is perfect for baseball. austin volunteered to be a pitcher and he was good at it!

on june 30th we celebrated jace turning 4!! we roasted hotdogs in the back yard, per his request. he got a "mote control truck" and lots of cars and treats. love that kid.
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