Tuesday, November 29, 2011

tooth fairy potato

the tooth fairy who visits our house is a little......different. but she has a sweet generous spirit. my little lady lost her first tooth, it seems like she's been waiting her whole life for this milestone to come. she faced it with bravery and fortitude and pulled out the little white remnant of babyhood all by herself. no screaming/crying involved. according to custom, she put the tooth under the pillow and also according to custom....the tooth fairy left her lots of change stuck neatly in a potato. who knows why our tooth fairy does things this way? perhaps to prevent change from getting lost in fluffy pillows and blankets? or perhaps she just wants you to have hashbrowns for breakfast as an added bonus? we may never know, but we love our loony tooth fairy!

Friday, November 11, 2011

10 things

1. sandra dallas is my new favorite author. i read persian pickle club years ago, but haven't read anything by her for years. just finished "whiter than snow" and "the diary of mattie spenser" and had my annual good cry.
2. my favorite shlumpadinkas (translation: relaxing yoga/sweat pants) are holey and i am in need of attractive new ones. i'm thinkin' these or maybe these? hmmm. suggestions? please?
3. survivor is as good as season 1. jim is a bully, dawn is THE woman, and cochran is growing on me for stickin' it too the pretty people. i used to think brandon was a creepy wierdo, but his "protector" role over the vurnerable cochran had me doing the silent cheer.
4. i miss michael scott.
5. i ran over a cat. and it made me sad.
6. in related news, i really like driving fast on the narrow curvy road i live on. it's fun. but it has it's consequences.
7. i miss alaska, the blue mountains, and all my friends from both places. but coalville is a great little place, with lots of great people. i am happy here.
8.veterans day is my favorite. north summit elementary put on a wonderful assembly. the kids sang and there were old men in uniform. love a man in uniform. patriotism makes me cry these days. i have known men who have died in this war. my friend trish is now a single mom her husband was killed in february, and a high school friend recently died in a helicopter full of navy seals in afghanistan. i cannot have dry eyes when little kids are singing the national anthem. i am turned back in time to when mike came off that plane. soldiers rock. especially mine.
when i lived on base in alaska it was impossible to enter a building with out a soldier sprinting to open it for you. even at the gas station. every night at 5:00 they would play revelry over the loud speakers as they lowered the flag, and if you were outside you'd stop what you were doing and put your hand on your heart and wait for the song to end. even the little kids running around the neighborhood new what to do. we live in the best place on earth, guarded by the best people in america.
9. for the first time in 10 years, i get to have thanksgiving with my parents and my sister.
10. pinterest. you must try pinterest. it is a place to categorize and save every cool idea you can think of. i have learned how to get rid of armpit stains, make a lamp out of old books, and fix my hair in a lovely, messy, up do. so go. go on. go now. get outta here, and pin something.
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