Thursday, January 27, 2011

a brilliant plan

i put my scriptures in the silverware drawer so that every morning when i get out the cereal spoons i'll go "what the?...... oh yeah, i need to read my scriptures."

family picture

why do i hate taking family pics so? let me count the ways.....
actually this time it was rather painless. Brooke Pehrson took ours this year, she is amazing. One day I will be on top of it and have her do them outside. poor quinton was the family picture casualty this time. you know it really is near impossible for every one to look 100% normal in every shot. just so you all know, quinton doesn't normally stare off into space like an alien looking for his home planet.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I am alive!

Don't believe the internet rumors! i have not died! i've just been spending the last 6 months with my jobless hubby. jobless hubbies are two things: fun and work. but it's been grrreeaatt! we've traveled far and stressed out a lot and bought a house and moved to...........Coalville Utah!! I know right..... utah? we told all our friends there was no way we could end up back here. too many dentists right? but we are now home again in rural, small town, glorious land of jello and ice cream and downeast basics stores. hooray! so it's back to blogging and writing for me. got all my pictures and curtains up, boxes put away ect ect. the kids are loving riding the bus and everyone i see says to me, " i'm so and so, we are so glad you're here!" once mike was out shoveling snow and some one drove by with their window down and shouted, "WELCOME TO COALVILLE!"

life is good.
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