Sunday, January 25, 2009

Burning Question of the Week #9

Aaahhh memories! if i ever find myself in the dentists chair, in labor, or waiting long hours in the er, i use the memory of fun and even embarassing moments to pass the time. i think of beautiful hikes, funny things my kids have said, mischievous teenage behavior, heck, and why not revel in that awkward first kiss one more time. so reading all of your blog rouses up old memories and fun times. let's play a little game! here's a list of memories in random order, let's see if you can guess which is you! so the burning question is..... DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN......?

1. .....we used to say "grubbin', and 311 was our favorite band by proxy, and adam, sean, and greg were our brothers, and listening to one roommates first kiss story was the most exciting thing that happened all semester?

2. .....we took a swing on the rope swing, rode four wheelers across the mountain, and you tried to convince us that a dip in Lloyd's would be better with no clothes on?

3. ......we sunbathed on top of the "turtle" and got caught by the entire football team?

4. ......we convinced our mom's that we could handle Fred Meyer on our own, snuck some bikini's into the changing room to try them on (scandalous) and you peed your pants in my shoe before we could even complete the mischief., we shaved our legs in pantyhose.

5. .......we climbed a tree with a bag of rocks to scare of all of our dogs potential "suitors"

6. .......we went shopping at the gap outlet in cinncinnati and a group of college boys pulled up beside us on the freeway and held up a sign that said, "show us your boobs."

7. .......we spent hours discussing my need to chop my hair just like yours, you told me great storie about your colorfully named roommates, you told me how to organize my shirts by color, you became not just my little sisters friend, but mine.

8. ..... we made doll clothes, a doll house out of a cardboard box, we laid on the side walk and kicked our legs in the air when cars passed by, we snuck on top of wagon wheel and threw water balloons at passers by, we "made it ourselves with wool" we slapped many boys, we dated all of blanding, we had each others backs, we slept on temple square and through general conference, we spent all of our free time discovering e-mail and it's use in our dating efforts in blanding.

9. .....i cheered for you and your "broken" hip at cross country meets, and i cheered for you when i saw you running in monticello 10 years later.. at the same pace.

10. and your mom were quinton's biggest fans, and i was yours, girls b-ball ruled and you could outshoot any boy. bet ya still can.

11. .....we swapped teary stories in my living room a midst crying babies and snotty noses. we ate dinner once a week at chili's.

12. ..... we lived for book club, and a good run. i understood your tears and admired your courage, we had cinnamon/marshmellow rolls for thanksgiving, we stayed up late on new years, and ate shrimp and the best cocktail sauce on earth, we shook our heads at handle bar mustaches, wait we still do that.

13. .....we fought over who would be the queen of "the nut squad"

14. had a pair of pink sneakers and a pair of blues ones and a v-neck pink sweater i coveted, we were the three musketeers, we hid in your bushes and threw water balloons at cars. we watched "mahana you ugly" on the big screen on the b-ball court, the b-ball team took state and we all wore orange vests.

15. ......we hiked across 3 miles of asphalt once a week all summer with 5 kids, two double strollers, 15 beach towels, a gallon of sunscreen and our only reward was the six flags beach. great conversations.

16. .......we tackled the crazy Lousiville 2nd ward primary... and won!

17. ....I was self-righteous and you were just cool. i wore all your clothes cause i spent all my money on one (ugly) shirt, i cried everytime you crossed the finish line, i stared at you til you woke up just to make you mad, we dated blanding boys (but only you kissed 'em) we hiked n. creek and rode bikes around town with jake, we flirted and ate our way through vegas, we were neighbors.

mostly my memories, hope that wasn't too indulgent. so what do you remember?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

they call me mellow yellow

No one told me the amount of urine i would be dealing with as the mother of boys. I was under the impression that once potty training was over, i'd be free of the stuff, clearly i was mistaken. the boys bathroom was recently fumegated by thier live in maid, oh i mean me, and i do mean fumegated. I scrubbed walls, toilet knooks and crannies, garbage cans, the tiolet paper dispenser, all with clorox and then i did it again, and then i scrubbed it AGAIN! After finding pee in every possible location and erradicating it, i marched down stairs and made an announcement. The boys are well aware of where pee is supposed to land. I'm not the kind of mom that cleans kids rooms, or makes their beds, they have that responsibility, and i do hand the boys clorox wipes quite often after they have hosed down the bathroom, but i've cleaned enough pee on the side, and it is soo over. So i said to my sweet little boys, who ironically themselves never smell of urine, I said to them, "Quinton and Austin do you want to get a dog someday?" Their eyes lit up with shouts of "yes, yes, oh please yes," and so like a good mom I squashed there glee with this little declaration.
"Well when you get a puppy, it's going to pee and poop everywhere, and to teach him that we don't pee and poop everywhere we will gently push his little nose into the messes. This teaches him that excrement is gross and belongs in certain places. So boys, if I find another dribble of pee anywhere but in the toilet where it goes, I will gently stick your nose in it, do you think that will help you remember where pee goes?" I get a few stifled snickers, but mostly horrified stares as I sweetly explain the new rules. I haven't seen a drop in two weeks.
Which brings me to the meat of this post! I had to give in and fumegate the bathroom so it could be used by our guests! Geoff and Annelisa and girls paid us a visit over the new year holiday and it was so much fun!!! We played the wii, shopped, ate, and Annelisa and I went to Twilight, which I actually thought was pretty good, although Jasper looks like a mental patient more than a vampire mastering self control. Anyway here's a look at our fun!

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