Saturday, October 6, 2012

a nice day for a hike....provo river falls.

today mike had a little golf tournament.  and i am not crazy enough to be stuck in my house with only chores and bored kids on a sunny saturday.  so the kids and i headed to the uintahs and the spectacular provo river falls.  it was our first time there, but definetly (sp) (i seriously cannot spell definetely...definanately....whatever at least i know it's wrong.) won't be our last.  the rocks are perfect for climbers, the water is not so swift moving that i'm worried about kids falling in, (which they did and it was freezing and they STILL didn't want to leave.)   it was heaven.  and we didn't do chores or fight or argue, and we defanitely (defanitly?)  were'nt bored.  i'm already planning summer outings in my head. 

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