Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Tag! I'm it.

Well, I have been tagged by my friends Jamie and Cathy. Thanks for the nod guys! I am supposed to write six things about me most people don't know. I have had a hard time with this, since I am generally a boring person, but here goes.

4 or more places I have lived:
Cedar City, Utah
Fishers, Indiana
Louisville, Kentucky
Lawton, Oklahoma
Fort Richardson, Alaska

4 or more places I have been on vacation:
Nauvoo Illinois
Washington DC
Carmel California (Honeymoon, it was awesome)
San Fransisco
Driving for 10 days from Utah to Alsaka and through Canada along the famous Alcan Highway, with 3 kids a new baby and a picture taking happy husband.

4 or more jobs I have had:
Shake Shack (I was a cook and a waitress!)
my sibs and I cleaned the elementary school after school everyday from 4th grade until
my jr. year
Ambassador President at Snow College (student in charge of recruitment and leadership scholarships)
Mom (nothing compares)

4 or more foods I like:
all salads
lime cilantro chips

4 or more hobbies I have:
yelling (I am not proud of this hobby)

4 or more things people don't know about me:

1.I sometimes get my excersise by dancing like a crazy person to billy idol's "dancin with myself" my kids love it.

2.If I could eat white cake everyday for breakfast I would.

3. I follow politics closely. I was going to say I like politics, but it actually makes me mad, so I'll just say I keep an eye on them. When I was in fourth grade I followed the 88 elections religiously. I even wrote a creative writing story about how michael dukakis was a bully in elementary school. I used to think I was patriotic, until my husband joined the army. It is much harder to be patriotic when it means your husband may be leaving for 15 months. The brigade that is stationed here at Fort Rich is returning home after a 13 month deployment. One family put a sign out on their home written with paint on a big white sheet. It says, " stencils $6.00 Paint $4.00 Sheet $18.00, Daddy coming home? Priceless. 50 men in the brigade died in Iraq. I realize how much more we all need to give to this great country. Jay Leno always says, "you get the government you deserve." He uses it as a punch line, but I have made it my mantra to remember to get involved, now the issues, and vote. That all sounds depressing. Mike and I chose to be in the army, so don't feel bad for me, but I realize just how much patriotism costs now. I still fly my red white and blue, if a little more humbly now.

4. if I am ever in a bad mood, (which is rare) you can find me in therapy, running a few miles that is. few being the key word here. there is nothing like running to hammer out my frustrations.

I tag, Melinda, Jenny and Meagan. don't you just love that!!! he he he

Saturday, November 3, 2007


This is how Jace spent his halloween. His fingers are his treats!
Capt. Jack Sparrow, the black Ninja, and a little princess. They had so much fun and now we have way too much candy. We went to a party at the church, and mike was in charge of the spook alley. Ausitn went through it 4 times. He said he wasn't scared at all but when we got home and he got in bed he started crying and said, "I'm scared of the spook alley!" I am so glad halloween is over, hopefully my kids will start dreaming of sugarplums instead of ghosts, goblins and witches.

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