Wednesday, July 29, 2009

a coupla' tutorials

i used my heather bailey fabric for just this skirt from made. dana has great fabulous wonderful tutorials on sewing. great tips like zigzagging my edges(duh) and i think i'm gonna make bunches of these skirts, sew easy, sew cute, (sew cliche).i'm a teeny bit sad that i believed me when i told myself that the ivory background woulnd't clash with my white fabric. it does. a little. hence the white monogram, had to try and tie it all in. now i know for next time right?
saw this pillow in a few spots around the blogosphere so after fiddling around i decided a shabby ruffle pillow was doable. just cute some 1.5 inch fabric strips, gathered, pinned and sewed them on to my pillow fabric, and sewed up the pillow. easy peasy.

next up, i'm going to figure out this pillow from pottery barn and then i'll share

Monday, July 20, 2009

if you ever get the chance to play dodge ball...... take it.

If you happened to catch my turn on segullah, you'll smile at the significance of this post. I spent a day with Q and all his cub scout buddies at Camp Carlquist. My arm is sore, my back aches, and it's not from hiking with a heavy pack. One of the activities was dodgeball, chaperones and leaders vs. cubs. about 40 of them. i haven't had so much fun in some time. pegging 8 year olds with rubber balls suits me. i'm telling you people, seek out a game of dodge, you'll have joyful memories for years to come! The most joyful noise i've ever heard came when a leader yelled, "JAILBREAK!" and all those little boys let out shouts of pure happiness as they ran back into the frey, it sorta reminded me of a battle cry of victory. it was awesome.

After crafting their own rubber swords, the campers got to chase their leader all over camp. they were shouting, "CHARGE!" as they went.

Q as an archer

Lining up for the call to arms in dodgeball.....ahhh the anticipation.

canoeing, q claims that the bottom of this lake is "pure quicksand"


QandA finished up the baseball season. coach barnes has coached all their soccer and b-ball teams, he's a champ.
jace has comfort down to a science.
playin' in the mud at shipp creek on the 4th of july.
on the way home from fairbanks. this picture is so indicative of my ruffians personalities, notice the little girl who is not showing any signs of fatigue.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Three things

1. Have you ever heard of Segullah? It's a fabulous little online magazine where LDS mom's can write about life as a mom. hosts writing contests once or twice a year, also there's a little blog about various mom's and their adventures. I entered the writing contest and although my entry did'nt win, they asked if they could use my piece for a blog post. Check it out july3rd here! go on over and give me a little shout out so I feel some love.(this means you mom) i have a deep rooted fear that my comments will say zero.
2. I heart Heather Bailey. She's a color genius. I just bought this fabric, and can't wait to fiddle with it. I also bought some cool hair things. I have a thing for hair thingy's. I let you know if it was worth the price. You can check out the fabulous and rapidly growing famous heather bailey here.

3. Three weeks ago I had my appendix out. Crazy huh? It happened a week after my race. serves me right for making fun of the "not so old" I thought it was really bad cramps, or the stomach flu. Turns out I had appendicitis for three days, and an emergency laproscopic appendectomy. Now I have three extra scars. Just more proof of battle. sweet.
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