Tuesday, April 14, 2009

why buy if i can make it?

why buy easter outfits for boys? they have white shirts and khakis already. they despise sweater vests, which deeply vexes their mother. so how do you dress up a boy for a holiday without completely emasculating him? purl bee has a super easy tutorial to make a little boys tie!!! it was seriously so easy, even i didn't mess it up. and don't they look super cute! oh and super manly. can't wait to make red polka dot ones for christmas. are polka dots effeminate?
on another crazy side note: not only is avery my physical clone, it seems she has also inherited my need to create. i found her dancing with her "superman prince" she stuck a golf club through the arms of a costume, and used the other club for his head. and then danced the night away.

isn't he handsome? i promise i'm not manhandling her, she was just averse to having prince charmings picture taken.

Monday, April 6, 2009

a confession, and some hope

I think a bout losing weight and changing my body every day. I've told you before that I am vain. I guess being a woman surrounded by unrealistic body parts plastered everywhere from lengerie stores to burger king commercials, we tend to worry incessantly about said body parts. i made a mental list recently about things i would change about my war torn body. all it did was grow! it didn't satisfy me to say, "if I could just tuck one thing it would be........" cause as soon as i had a mental picture of a tummy tuck, all i could see was my dehydrated bosom!! once i had mentally "corrected" the chest area, I mentally noticed my slight double chin. it never ends, and now I am mental.
There is a voice of reason out there. I true champion of womanly shapes and curves.
She talks with such conviction and positivity about wearing our precious bodies with pride and even dare I say, pleasure. It's true. She's got the key to looking at yourself in the mirror, and NOT THINKING about it again for the rest of the day! when's the last time you did that?
We have given birth, eaten too many cookies (it does wonders for my soul, okay?), we've skipped the gym for playing polly pockets all morning, we've eaten nachos at 10:30 p.m cause that's when the hubs likes to eat, all these things make us the kind, giving women we are. Now get out your meausring tape, embrace your body type, and go shopping. you now have permission to fall in love with those stretch marks like the battle scars they are. rock on and then give yourself a break!
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