Sunday, March 29, 2009

church cancelled on account of ash

Well last sunday night Mt. Redoubt erupted, and has done so repetitively (13 times) since. we've mananged to avoid ashfall and ashclouds until last night. Redoubt blew at about 3:30p.m. and three hours and 100 miles later the ash cloud was over us, you can kinda see the cloud in this picture, without that black cloud it would have been fairly sunny out! you can see the ashfall against the snow. we couldn't see it falling down, but it finely accumulated on everything. we spent our sunday melting snow and straining the water to get the dust out! a vial of volcanic ash for a souviner!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

fun things to do with giant chunks of river ice

Welcome to Fairbanks, where the extreme cold begets extreme fun!
THis is the beginning of the sled run! It was so fast, but crazy fun!

the happy families!

Fairbanks is home to the world ice carving championships! we spent our spring break there with the great hospitality and good food of Geoff and Annelisa! here's a look at our adventures.

the following pictures will explain jaces exhausted slumber.

that's him climbing and ice barrier for the mini golf ice hole. with cousin callie watchin' on.

the ice is really clear this block was about 18 inches thick

they have all these different ice slides. jace calles the lides and he wasn't scared one bit. we couldn't keep him off. the other kids had a blast too!

the real definition of "chilaxin'" by the way who ever came up with combining words like that needs a time out.

jace on one of his "lides"

he looks terrified, but i promise it is pure glee.

you can faintly make out the different blocks of ice they used to carve this bear/slide.

animal band this one took 5th or 7th place in the multiple blocks fantasy competition

a little weird, gothic, and busty .... yes, but totally amazing as well.

I think this one won first place in the multiple blocks realistic division

This awesomeness was carved from one block of ice, as you might guess it one the single block competition.

uncle geoff got really buff while he was in iraq.

these are the sled runs lit up at night. we went several times on sleds and just our bottoms. the sled was so fast, we hit jumps at the bottom, i had several heart attacks that night.

another view of the sled run! we laughed, kids cried, and spilled hot chocolate. and we had the best spring break in -15 degree weather. thanks geoff and annelisa! What wicked awesome memories we've made!

Saturday, March 7, 2009


snow sculpting in between sleds.
The ceremonial start to the iditarod was held today! I am greatful for sunglasses as i got all teary thinking how cool it was for my kids to have the chance to see it. sappy i know.


As previously posted jace is obsessed with dogs, needless to say he was in heaven!

mike took this picture, the track the dogs are on is just some snow plowed into the middle of the street. i think we were on cordova street. it's called a berm.

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