Thursday, November 6, 2008

birthday boy or the last leg of the birthday marathon

Whose decision was it to have everyone born in the fall?

I am wiped.

Luckily birthday season ends at our house with sweet Austin, who always makes me smile and is anything but demanding.

He's 6 whole years old and very proud. He got a foosball table, and says "foosssball" not foozball.
We had a b-day party last night with his buddies and went mini golfing and played Xbox.
To celebrate i thought i'd list a few of Austin's greatest quotes. The kid is a joke book.
Q: Mom how many pounds are in a ton?
M: 2000
Au: How many pounds are in a bunch?
Au: Mom, I can't wait until me and Q are 18 and then we are going to join the army and we'll never have to do what you say again.
Gpa J.: Austin what are you going to be when you grow up?
Au: A night watchman
GJ: what does a night watchman do?
Au: I'll watch lots of tv shows all night long.
Mom: austin do you want some doritos with your pb&j?
Au: I'm not really in the doritos business anymore
We were reading this book about a mouse. the pictures were drawn somewhat haphazardly. at the end it says, "all the wishes of the little mouse came true!" and austin said, "She must have wished to be ugly."


King Family said...

austin is funny. maggie is funny. i was dying when i read about uncle buckley getting kiddnapped? what is that? why are all of your kids born in the fall? i'll tell you maggie and mike really know how to spend new years. ;)

Jessie said...

Oh I shed a tear there reading some of Austin's commentary! The boys had a blast at the party last night- you guys are awesome and tell Austin we think he's a crack-up!

Story Family said...

What a cute guy! I didn't realize he and my Seth are so close in age. (Seth's 6 in April) They have such similar personalities it's weird.

Happy birthday to basically all of you guys!

annelisa said...

Another birthday we missed! Sorry Austin. We have had a lot on our minds lately! We do love you though and can't wait to see you guys again! I love the funny things Austin says!

McDonald Army Brats*** said...

We have birthdays like that...derek 1/7, kleigh 2/3, colten 2/4, pres 3/27, Travis 4/7, me 4/27, then poor jake is 8/23. I hate that we have them so close together, and so close to Christmas. we can never think of anything to get the kids since they just had christmas. :)

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday Austin! Funny kid! I love listening to him talk to Dave about sports.

Melinda said...

Happy Birthday Austin. I love the them more often! They brighten my day!

Meagan said...

That kid is hilarious. Happy birthday Austin, and now you only have Thanksgiving and Christmas Maggie!

Monster Mary said...

That cracks me up. He was very cute in Primary today as well. He always looks for opportunities to speak in the microphone.

Emilee said...

So awesome. I love that he's not in the Doritos business anymore. And that he'll watch shows all night long. So cute!

Adri said...

What funny quotes and what a fun boy. It is hard to believe he's 6...but then, again, Dallin is coming right up on 6, too. Crazy how time flies!

brittany said...

happy birthday austin! and happy that birthdays are over! ha ha. what a cute kid.

McDonald Army Brats*** said...

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE!!!! :) u know I was talkin about u on my blog right?! u rock girly! I am working on being on time all week just 4 u! do u think u could take the boys 2 scouts tomorrow? I have a FRG mtg suprise suprise! i got there for our class and thought of's veterans day! :) See ya soon!

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