Wednesday, March 31, 2010

5 things...sorta

1. to read: my sister recommended this gem to me. loved that the author had 3 characters share the narrative. you just assume you know which one is the heroine and by the end your mind is changed. page turner.

2. for the kiddos: grandma got all of our kids one plasma car to share. my kids buzz all around the house on it. it's big enough for two of them and easy for even jace to drive around.

found this dress for little miss. perfect for easter if it didn't cost 69$. so i'm gonna try and sew one. i know, i might be screaming in frustration come saturday night. anyone out there with sewing expertise wanna give me some tips?

3. to watch: netflix is the greatest invention. i will never have to set foot in creepy blockbuster again! 500 days of summer was a really good movie. I loved the artsy feel of the direction, the unique storytelling perspective, and the unorthodox ending. a few little uneccessaries in there, like the naughty word shouting match (he he) but by far the best "chick flick" i've seen in literally years.
sidenote: (i really can't say that i like chick flicks, and don't watch many (excepting pride and predjudice, kiera knightly version, which i watch as much as possible.)

took the kids to this awesome dinner theatre here in anchorage to see Fantastic Mr. Fox and it was wonderful. love the weirdo son, the sarcastic and understated wit, and the patient and soothing voice of meryl streep. i thought it was a little over my kids heads, but they claimed to have really liked it!

4. to eat. ever since i hit 30, the old calorie burner has slowed down. so out with the sugar, in with the veggies. and veggies are good. especially when you eat 'em up with the help of these little snackies.
laughing cow cheese, 35 cal. and very grubbin'.
and organic blue corn chips. seriously very delicious, makes my homemade salsa taste even better (it's possible)

5. to wear: these jeans. i love them, and they were on sale.

lands end canvas is a new little shop a "spin-off" of lands-end. sorta j. crewish i think. i really need this dress and cardi, but it's like 5 inches too short, and i'm at a loss as to how i would remedy that.

so there you have it. 5 things.....sorta that are on my radar.


april said...

I totally agree with you! I loved 500 Days of Summer and I also love the Keira Knightly Pride and Prejudice! I haven't seen Fantastic Mr. Fox yet but I love the book by Roald Dahl! Oh and that dress is adorable. I am sure you will make something just as cute!

Emilee said...

Land's End? Chic? Who knew?

And look at Simplicity 3513 for an easy pattern to replicate the dress for Avery. (Although the fabric choices they've used on the pattern cover are atrocious. I'm sure you could find some darling eyelet.)

Thanks for the book recommendation. Always on the lookout for a new good book.

Lisa and Brian said...

Dress is cute. You can remedy shortness with

Jenny said...

Hey Maggie! 1. have been wanting to read that book. 2. love the plasma car! 3. go ahead and make Kate one of those dresses too -- so cute! 4. enjoy watching your chic flicks w/out Mike. I don't watch many these days. 5. mmm. blue corn chips. sounds delish. 6. love the jeans!

I don't know how I came up w/ 6 comments on your 5 things. :) thanks for sharing!

Marilyn Lewis said...

I loved The Help! it reminded me of growing up in Lonoke! Our book club just read it. Now we are reading "These is my Words". I loved that one too!

Angie said...

Love it Mags. I totally saw that same dress and gave it up for dead...the thought never even crossing my mind to sew one. One of the many reasons I love and admire you! And thanks for the good read idea. I just may move onto that one after I finish The Peacegiver. (also one I highly recommend!)

Emilee said...

Read "The Help". LOVED it. Sobbed at the end, of course, because now I'm a bawl-baby sobberpants that can never keep it together.

Emilee said...

Oh, and I just added a contrast band to the bottom of a too-short dress of mine. For a shift-dress without too much a-line movement going on, it's easy and cute. I think it could work on that Land's End dress.

Lindsay JJ said...

thanks for sharing! I am going to start reading The help tonight (for our book group this month) I'm a little late at starting so I'm glad it's going to be a page turner. Love the jeans too. Never dare to buy things for myself that I can't try on first.
Great to see you the other night. Haakon said we need to invite you and your fam over. Even if we have to invite Uncle Gunther too. Let's do it if you don't mind crossing town!

Jami said...

A couple things. We, too, have a plasma car and they are a blast. I wish I had two and big hallways so we could have more races. Second, if you have a kick A homemade salsa recipe that is awesome I want to try it! PLEASE post it when you have time! ha ha! I'm always looking to better mine. Thanks!

Jessie's Jargon said...

Hey Mags! I saw your blog link on Haley's blog. Good to see a little about how you are doing! I love laughing cow cheese by the way and I'm excited to read the "Help". I've had a lot of other friends recommend it too.

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