Sunday, February 10, 2013

10 things.

                               1# this sweatshirt.   i used to despise pink now...i embrace it.  life is funny that way.

#2.  this salad.  i am also trying to embrace the fact that i can't eat like a horse any longer...but i can still eat well.

 #3. this bag. everyone needs a good leather bag.  i no longer haul around diapers, but i still have 10 lbs of kid/mom paraphernalia at any given time.

 #4.this book series.  it's about an 11 year old chemistry genius who solves murders and lives in an English estate with her titled family. sort of downton abbey for the mystery lover.  plus flavia de luce (the genius) is hilarious.

 #5. these shoes.  too expensive...but why has no one put pattern on the wedge before?  genius i tell you. genius.

#6. this side table.  which mike insists is NOT a side table. but i find it fun to teach him all the wonderful things you can do to break the rules.  side table it IS! only maybe in red.....

 #7.  i think you may have to take a trip south to buy this stuff, but once you go with mexican'll never turn back.  all  my baking is enhanced by it's subtle coconut notes.  it'll change your life.  or at least those few seconds the cookie is being eaten.

 #8. this chapstick.  i've used up 3 or 4 tubes since i discovered it.  best ever.

#8. old team photos.  this is a picture of mike's great grandpa...not sure which one he is...anyway i have found a few team photos that i am using in the boys sports room...i'll show you in a different post what i'm doin' with them!

#9.  this non-fiction book.  i never thought i'd laugh about death.  mary roach writes a respectful, witty and so hilarious history of corpses.  awesome book.

#10. these socks.  i love too run. but my feet hate the blisters that  make my feet look like a lepers.  i found these socks that magically reduce friction and therefore blisters.  yay!  kinda spendy but worth the extra.


Shannon said...

This is a fun post Maggie. I have been wanting some Mexican vanilla forever!

Strupp Family said...

It's funny how much I respect your opinion. I'm thinking while reading: If Maggie says those are good socks, I NEED to try them! (And the chapstick) Good times. Thanks for the post!

Kritta22 said...

So you can totally modge podge fabric onto your cheap Payless wedges..... Just saying! Love ya

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