Sunday, October 14, 2007


Today I bought a bag of peas at Costco. They are still in the pod and I knew my kids would love them, it is a favorite activity of theirs to pick them at the grandmas houses. At dinner Quinton ate a huge pile of them. My kids, like any kids I am sure, make a giant mess at meal times. When it was time to clean up I took a pile of pea pods to the garbage, only to open it and find another pile of pea pods already in there. It seems my sweet little Quinton decided to take care of his mess. This may seem silly but it is a huge milestone in my 7 years of mothering, to have one of my kids be mature enough to take some responsibility. It caught me be surprise. What a wonderful surprise it was though. Quinton has shown alot of growing up lately. If he asks for something and I say no, he usually responds with "Okay mom!" I love that about him. He was coming up the stairs the other day and for a split second my mind was like, "who is that?" He is getting so tall it took me off gaurd that it was him. My how time flys.

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